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“31 Years and Still Growing”

The Collard Patch
… and more

The Collard Patch is a pick-your-own roadside farm market. It is designed to help you obtain the freshest locally grown vegetables in this area. A lot of pride has gone in to growing the finest, tastiest garden vegetables, maintaining all the nutritional benefits.

If anyone needs convincing as to why picking at the Collard Patch is a good thing, here are a few of the reasons below:


Ample Quantities Now but not for long.

Pink Eyed Purple Hull Peas (Top Pick)
Six Week Peas

$12/Bushel U Pick
$22/Bushel We Pick

Call 919-793-3791 first to
reserve a pre-picked bushel.

Call anytime to check availability.

Six Week Peas - click to enlarge

Purple Hull Peas - click to enlarge